About Us

Based in the great, reemerging city of Detroit, "God Said Hello" was started in 2016 with one goal in mind...to make the name of God "cool" again. 
Authentic apparel and accessories that boast a positive message is our focus. Thank you for joining our movement as we strive to put the name of God back into our schools, our local communities, our businesses, our homes, our relationships...our LIVES!


A Message From Our Founder/CEO
"I was the only child in my family for 10 years, and weekly church services were mandatory in our household. It was because of this discipline becoming a lifestyle  at a young age that solidified my love, admiration, and respect for God.
Times have changed to say the least, and the name of God has seemingly been pushed aside by schools, businesses, and communities overall.
But now, just imagine walking into a room with any of our official apparel on. Notice how the immediate environment changes and conversation is enlightened! It makes everything that we stand for more than worth it."

Calvin Johnson III